Mono Solutions

Small businesses know the power of an online presence, but often lack the tools and know-how to build a website that allows them to put their best foot forward. Enter Mono Solutions, a white-label website-builder for digital service providers to sell to small businesses. Despite the need for a straightforward product that put usability at the forefront, Mono lacked a clear design direction and coherence and had a tricky user experience. While customers were looking for user-centric and powerful designs that could help establish up-and-coming brands, the reality of the product was much different. I started by working with the team to understand the core verticals and the problems we could solve for them. I then rebuilt Mono’s approach to design from the ground up, which translated into an updated brand identity, detailed design system, and new website, as well as all new templates that were easy-to-use and spoke to the needs of each customer.

Mono Solutions
Product Design Lead
2019 -2021
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